Carhartt- Workwear Turned Fashion Icon

You would like to think everyone in the world of street fashion knows and has even owned a piece of Carhartt. Be that from the basic script T, to the equally iconic Chore Jacket. The workwear brand originating in America back in the 1880s has now grown to be one of the strongest and most recognised brands in modern fashion. 

We at Junx Clothing in Gorleston see this as a firm favourite of ours, which has been part of our brand offering for several years.

Its origins

Originating back in 1889 Hamilton Carhartt, with only 4 sewing machines and 5 staff, started to create workwear using duck and denim. The focus of the brand was on rail workers, who required strong and long-lasting workwear. However, this is not Carhartt as we know it in the fashion industry today, this has separate roots.

After 100 years of the company being founded, 2 German brothers who specialised in Denim design and manufacturing wanted to sell Carhartt in Europe.

Up until this point, it was largely US based so the chance to expand the brand internationally was not something to be missed. This was the birth of Carhartt Work in Progress or Carhartt WIP as we all know.

Workwear Mixed with Fashion

Imagine starting your brand to cater for working men, to then it being compared to the likes of Palace, Stussy and even Supreme. This is how the Carhartt brand has taken over today.

Even celebrities across the globe are adopting the brand, and its heritage. Kanye West being one of the brand biggest advocates. He is often pictured in Carhartt Detroit jacket and a pair of worker bottoms. We all know Kanye is the man of fashion, which means if he is wearing it with the latest pair of Adidas it must be cool. Barack Obama is another Carhartt disciple.

Statement Pieces

So, onto our in-store favourites at Junx Clothing.

Being based in Gorleston close to Great Yarmouth, our town can resonate with the working natures of Carhartt. The Carhartt WIP brand however, which we stock extensively in store, has produced some amazing pieces, and some of our favourites include.

  • OG Chore Coat (More specifically in Hamilton Brown/Black)
  • Trapper Parker 
  • Long Sleeve Chase Pique Polo 
  • Sid Pant
  • Acrylic Watch Hat

Pop online to Junx Clothing to check out our extensive range of Carhartt, email us at or better still pop into our store on Gorleston high street.

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