Choosing The Perfect Pair Of Edwin Jeans

With our thoughts turning to A/W20, we wanted to show you the various styles of Edwin that we are going to be stocking, and give an idea on choosing the perfect pair of Edwin Jeans. Edwin has been our top selling denim, and also one of our best selling brands over the past 5 years. Steeped in heritage, and quality this is denim that is built to last. 

The ED-55

The ED-55 is by far the best selling Edwin jean there is. Over the years there have been many iterations with a variety of denim styles as well as stitching. The ED-55 is cut with a relaxed tapered fit as well as a mid rise. What is great about this style is regardless of your body type they look great. Pair this jean with a pair of the last trainers for a cool and stylish look.

The ED-80 

The ED-80 is a contemporary and slim fitting style with a slightly tapered leg. As far as slim fit jeans go this is Edwins best selling style. A preferred alternative to the ED-55 for those who are looking for a soft denim but with a closer fitting leg.

The ED-85

The ED-85 was born off the back of the ED-80 and its overall success. They feature a slim fit leg, however have a lower crotch for a more comfortable fit. Also unlike its counterpart, it is finished with a zip fly which compliments the lower crotch better. 

To Conclude

Overall when it comes to choosing the perfect pairs of edwin jeans there are many styles which you can choose from. At Junx Clothing we focus heavily on the ED-55, ED-80 and ED-85 in a variety of colors due to their popularity. With this variety of styles we can assure we cater to everyone. 

Take a look at our latest collections in Edwin, Adidas, Nicce and Carhartt to see what is new hitting our store. A/W20 will be landing in store so ensure to follow us on Instagram!