NICCE - The Brand In Overdrive

NICCE - The Brand In Overdrive

Originated in 2013 NICCE is one of the brands that has gone into overdrive within the past few years. Founded on the back of London's Culture and music scene, the brand was made for those who preferred a clean and contemporary style. At Junx Clothing we have seen it become a customer favourite, and with its new Spring/Summer 20 season soon to hit our store, we thought it was about time we introduced NICCE properly. 

Who And What Is NICCE

NICCE was formed back in 2013 by a young entrepreneur who wanted to create a clean and distinctive brand. Focusing on quality and simplicity. With £300 to his name, Mitchel Galvi-Farnol put his vision into the real world. After drafting many versions of this T-Shirt using printing methods as well as  his mum's steady hand to sew he went to the market. 

Mithel was very well connected in the underground music scene so started to see his t-shirts pop up in numerous videos across Youtube. Starting as a bedroom brand it has now transcended into a global company with its HQ in East London's Bethnal Green. Even with its new heights NICCE has never lost sight of its foundations, and continues to create its clean cut style. 

However what must be said is how it has adapted  itself very well to every changing  street culture. The addition of a more premium version of NICCE which features cargo trousers, over head jackets with reflective patching and awesome accessories make the brand that bit better.

With over 500 stockists worldwide NICCE is continuing to grow!

Why Does Junx Clothing Stock NICCE

We have a particular passion at Junx Clothing for selecting only the best brands. With our brands such as Carharrt, Edwin and Adidas we thought NICCE is a great addition. Also, being one of very few stockists of NICCE is a great step for us as a business. 

After the success of our AW20 collection, we have a great selection arriving shortly to our new online store in coming weeks. Even throughout these tough times, we make sure our customers know where to buy their clobber. 

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