The History Of Edwin Jeans

When it comes to denim there is not much better than Edwin. This brand has taken denim to the next level, and with its variety of fits and washes it has something for everyone. The history of Edwin jeans is one that has always been interesting, and helps to cement why this brand is a mainstay in the industry. At Junx Clothing it's the only denim brand we stock year on year and this is due to its high quality and great finish. 

Where Did Edwin Come From?

Edwin has kept his roots and beliefs since its inception in 1947. Founded in the Tokyo fashions seen by someone who is now seen as a Japenese icon in Mr Tsunemi. He took his imagination to new levels but was inspired by the American denim production houses like Wrangler and Levi’s. He then decided to import used pairs which he repaired and laundered before selling them on. 

After carrying this on for many years, he soon realised that he needed to create a selection of fits which means he would be able to open up a new audeince. In 1961 he took the first pair of edwins to the sewing machine. This was his first creation of a tailored fit, and the W print on the back pocket as we see today was also born. 

Moving on from the inception of various styles, he then explored with different washes. The majority of washes we see today are all products of the original denim.

What Are The Most Popular Cuts 

Times have changed for the brand over the past few years. The baggier slim fit jeans have been swapped with an even slimmer fit with more of a tapered leg. Edwin have adapted to this and still use their high quality denim across all their range. Some of their popular styles include:-


By far one of if not the best selling Edwin style in the range today. The ED-55 is cut with a relaxed tapered fit as well as a mid rise. Great for all body types.


The ED-80 is the newest and most contemporary style that is available. They have slightly tapered legs and appear to be the preferred alternative to the ED-55.


The ED-85 was born off the back of the ED-80. The slimmer fit has a low crotch for increased comfort.

To Conclude

So the history of Edwin jeans is steeped in heritage and utilises its roots still to this day to continually design the best denim on the market. Taking on rivals like Levi’s has been a big step, but it is one they have taken in their stride. Pairing this with a Carharrt T-Shirt and a pair of Adidas Gazelles is always going to be a stylish way to dress. At Junx Clothing we are always adding to our existing stock and with a new AW/20 drop coming from Edwin, all of your favourite denim will soon be back in store. Check out the website for more details.