The History Of Fila

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The History Of Fila

No matter if it is the clips of Wimbledon where Bjorn Borg wins one of his 5 titles, or its Cass Pennant wearing it on the terraces, it is safe to say that Fila has a special place in everyone's heart. With its rise in popularity worn by the old school lovers or even those going more for a 70’s and 80’s look, Fila has become a mainstay in British fashion. At Junx Clothing, we have decided once again to begin stocking this amazing brand. In our latest article we take a look at the history of Fila.

Where Did Fila Begin?

Found in 1911 by the Fila brothers in Italy, this brand has deep roots which are very much applicable today. Beginning as specialists in knitwear and underwear they embarked on the journey to make the ultimate garment. After spending many years developing their brand and style, they decide to pair with a leading Italian manufacturer. This created the brand we know today and really cemented their aim to be a leader in the Italian Fashion market. 

This continued heavily in the 1960’s but in the 70’s it was clear that the sportswear market was growing. In 1973 they developed the F-Box logo which denotes their sportswear range. Their first focus was the tennis industry, and with a well known player in Bjorn Borg being their major signing. He paved the way for the brand by wearing it during his 5 Wimbledon winning events, all of what is considered the most prestigious event in the tennis world. 

What Are The Iconic Products 

Now we know where the brand came from, we can now look at what are the most popular products. If we are talking from a streetwear and casuals perspective then look no further than the track jacket. The 70’s Borg track jacket was worn heavily by the man himself Bjorn Borg, as well as by a number of the football casuals who changed the way in which this garment was worn. 

Next in the popularity line, more so for the casual is the Fila Roll Neck. This was worn by many of the football hooligans your parents grew up with. This paired with the Fila track jacket and a pair of jeans was a clean and classic look.

To Conclude

So there we have it, the history of Fila. We love the brand at Junx Clothing and after not stocking it for a number of years it is back. The new styles but with a heritage feel make it the great for those looking for a sports casual feel be that for down the boozer on a Saturday or even stood on the terraces supporting your team. 

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