The History of The Adidas Gazelle

The History of The Adidas Gazelle

By far one of the most recognisable Adidas shoes of all time is the Gazelle. It's one of the very few Adidas shoes that has gone through many years, and also generations that have not changed. It continues to be of the one best selling silhouettes, and is also a customer favourite here at Junx Clothing. So here is a brief run down of The history of The Adidas Gazelle.

How the Gazelle Became a Fan Favourite

The Gazelle started off in the sports world being worn by many influential sports stars. Now, this has transcended into fashion with the likes of Oasis, Kat moss and even Michael Jackson many years ago donning the shoe. What the shoes has done is gone through many colours, and iterations but has always kept its roots. 

Back in the 1960’s Adidas was heavy into the Rom which was leather based, and had a very similar style. Adidas were looking for something new to take their footwear to the next level, and in 1966 they designed the first Gazelle. Constructed with a suede material which was very unique, and appeared on the first two iterations. The first two colours to be released were the blue and red. Blue denoted training, and red was for handball. 

By the 1970’s the Gazelle was one of the most popular shoes that they had, and was being experimented on to see how they could make it better. The shoe got rid of its original heel tab, and had a ‘soft protect’ heel tab instead. The hexagonal sole as we see today was also created, and has been a mainstay for many years even in today's design. 

From Football Hooligans to Hip Hop Stars

To say this style was a favourite for football hooligans is an understatement. The Gazelle was a favourite for the terrace wearers of a weekend, and was massive in the late 70’s and throughout the 80’s. Alongside the football hooligans were the various US hip-hop stars. Run DMC were big wearers of the Gazelle and other styles, so the reach of this shoe is truly global. 

Oh, and not to forget Noel Gallaghers wearing this shoe. He even ended up with his face on the tongue!

Why Do We Like Them?

As a men's clothing store in Gorleston, we know how our customers value a clean and easy piece of footwear. Since we have stocked The Adidas Gazelle, we have seen this to be a popular style, and a best seller in all the colours. 

Our new collection which is due to come in the new few months has all of the latest Gazelle colours, and you can check them out here on our website!