Mens Sizing Guide

Sizing is important.

If you have any questions in relation to sizing please just email , call 01493-331496 or find us on Instagram/Facebook We will do our best to explain exactly how a product fits.

Information as to how a product fits can be found within the product's description and we will always specify if a product is particularly loose or slim fitting. Where our brands are concerned they all produce products that vary when it comes to how they fit, there is no standard way that each brand fits.
Please remember that if a product, such as a shirt, is slightly slim fitting it will be designed to look that way, perhaps for smart occasions or to be worn with slim denim or chinos. If a product, perhaps a hoodie or coat, is larger fitting it will have also been design in this manner, perhaps to be worn over another layer or two or with looser jeans or sweatpants.

Below is a sizing guideline although, as stated, the fit depends on the product.

Chest size:-

Small - 34-36" / 90-94cm

Medium - 38-40" / 94-98cm

Large - 40-42" / 98-102cm

XL - 42-44" / 102-106cm